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The free online portal that enhances the face-to-face practice and remote management of personal trainers, healthcare professionals, and educators.


Have you received an invitation from your health or fitness professional?

For Personal Trainers

Whether you are working with individuals or groups, our platform allows you to easily send training plans to all your clients and monitor their progress as individuals.

Store all your training templates within AmplifyPro, whilst still being able to make bespoke adjustments quickly and easily.

  • Training Plans
  • Monitoring Clients
  • Audience Engagement


The perfect solution for streamlining your services. Build your own protocols to suit your patient’s needs and send bespoke rehabilitation plans.

Using our patient feedback features, you can gather stats on compliance, progression, enjoyment, pain levels, mood, and questions you wish to regularly monitor.

  • Rehab Plans
  • Tracking Clients
  • Continued Support


Allowing you to design session plans to help educate and develop team protocols. These could include sending out team fitness sessions to all the coaching team.

Wellness questionnaires and alerts can be used to raise awareness of individuals, enabling you and your staff to adapt fitness sessions towards specific goals.

  • Bespoke Plans
  • Coordinate Teams
  • User Feedback


  • Unlimitated number of patients/clients
  • Full access to our extensive library
  • Integrate your own YouTube videos
  • Create unlimited Protocols and Groups
  • In-depth graphical statistics

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